What is ageLOC Youth Supplement?

It is our most advanced anti-aging supplement ever. It helps revitalize our aging defense mechanisms (ADM’s), the bodies natural shield against aging. It’s like we are wearing the iron man suit so that we are protected from aging.

Our ageLOC Youth is designed to promote your youth span which means the years you can enjoy life being more active, energetic and healthy.

At Nu Skin they understand the way genes react to specific ingredients, we have created our most advanced anti aging supplement ever - ageLOC Youth.

It promotes positive expression of key groups of genes and delivers enhanced nutritional benefits.

We selected ageLOC Youth’s ingredients based on their unique health benefits and ability to positively impact gene expression related to our ADMs.

This unique ingredient blend is not available even from a healthy diet

Unlike multivitamins and mineral supplements that are focused primarily on filling nutritional gaps, ageLOCE Youth provides targeted nutrients that support critical, natural ADMs. The result is an advanced product that delivers systemic youth preservation benefits. Gathered from diets around the world, the ingredient blend in ageLOC Youth is so unique, it is not readily available, even from a healthy diet.

  1. Our most advanced anti-aging supplement, ageLOC

Youth targets our innate ability to resist aging at its source

2. ageLOC Youth positively modulates gene expression with

a unique blend of nutrients that are not readily available.

3.Promotes youthfulness—supporting the years you can

enjoy life being more active, energetic, and healthy.

4. ageLOC Youth influences multiple aging defense

mechanisms to provide broad-spectrum wellness

benefits and promote:*

•Cellular Health

-Reinforces the body’s protection and repair

mechanisms at the cellular level.

-Helps balance healthy cellular response. Disruption

of cellular response can spark a cascade of other

aging effects.

-Positively modulates systemic cytokine responses.

-Supports DNA damage protection/repair.

-Provides antioxidant protection.

•Brain Health

-Supports healthy brain structure and function.

-Promotes youthful cognition and memory.

-Promotes sense of wellbeing and healthy mood.

•Heart Health

-Sustains overall cardiovascular health.

-Promotes blood vessel integrity/elasticity, essential

for healthy blood circulation.

-Supports normal blood glucose control.

-Supports healthy blood pressure regulation.

•Metabolic Health

-Supports healthy lipid metabolism.

-Supports normal glucose metabolism.

•Skin Health

-Promotes optimal skin barrier function and protection.

-Maintains optimal skin health.

•Bone Health

-Boosts bone health and supports bone structure and integrity.

•Joint Health

-Supports healthy joints and promotes healthy joint fluidity.

•Eye Health

-Provides ingredients important for healthy eye composition and protection.

-Promotes eye health and supports healthy vision.

•Physical Performance

-Supports/enables optimal physical performance.

•Immune Health

-Promotes healthy immune function and response.

-Supports a healthy immune system

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